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Workshop on Rule Based Expert Systems, C-DAC Mumbai

The Knowledge Based Computer Systems (KBCS) division of C-DAC Mumbai, India is organizing a two-day Workshop on Rule Based Expert Systems at the Navi Mumbai (Kharghar) campus on 17th and 18th October, 2008. The workshop is meant to provide a comprehensive introduction to Expert Systems, focusing on the practical application. This workshop is targeted at academicians, IT Managers, consultants, domain experts, professionals working on advisory systems and potentially anyone who feels a need for building systems with human expertise.

The brochure gives you a brief information on the workshop, which can be located at the C-DAC Mumbai website, at this URL. Kindly forward the details about the workshop to all those whom you feel may be interested in participating in the workshop. You may also go ahead and blog about it, post it to mailing lists, groups, and communities etc. Do keep us informed about it.

Dr. Sasikumar the_little_sasi 
Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (Erstwhile NCST), Mumbai
Knowledge Based Computer Systems (KBCS)
Raintree Marg, Near Bharati Vidyapeeth, Sec 7, CBD Belapur, Opp. Kharghar Railway Station
Navi Mumbai, 400614, INDIA
Voice: 91-2227565303, Fax: 91-2227560004
E-mail: kbcs [at] cdacmumbai [dot] in

Update: Dr. Sasikumar has addressed via his blog post, at this link.
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